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Hi! I'm Dawn

I'm so excited to have you here, that I'm sending you a big hug! 


Please have a look around to learn more about my passions, or reach out if you want to chit chat!

Empower Growth, 
Choose to be UP


About My Approach

In my chapter of my new multi-author book, I discuss MOWing with me...A.K.A, Mindfulness of Waste.  It is state of conscious awareness and presence.

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MOWing is being in the moment...

without judgment or attachment to thoughts, feelings, or the external environment. Waste is not only in the physical sense of trash but also in stress, emotions, and even personal relationships that may bring us sadness or unhappiness.

Read below for Chapter Reviews

...that I hold with so so much love and gratitude, and that maybe my words may inspire you, too.

"Dawn shines her light on Mindfulness of Waste and offers a tangible and grounding protocol that is inherently designed to clear up stagnant energy and cleanse unseen wounds.

Our connection to terra and the personal sense of responsibility to improve - even just a little bit, the resonance of the space that immediately surrounds us creates room for healing ourselves and our community by proactively mending our integral connection with Mother Earth...No matter how overwhelming the chaos we face, steadfastly choosing to be "up" will raise the frequency and will great the space where peace & love can grow, inspire, & carve the path for true healing."

Sophia, Greece


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